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Aranorn: City Of Poets

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Who has not heard of the white towers of Aranorn? What song has not been sung of her fanciful floating gardens, the great blue and silver banner of House Escalliot caught high in the morning breeze? What ear has not heard high and fair voices lifted in song along the waters of L'iselle, the cerulean canal district?

Ah, my friend. You are new to Aranorn, I see. There is much I can tell you, but slowly! Slowly! Aranorn is like a fine wine, you must taste her with respect and let her slowly reveal her secrets to you....

Aranorn is the royal capitol of the human nation of E'lene. As the central hub for trade and higher learning in the south, Aranorn is one of the largest cities in Elberen. The clear waters of the Azure Sea provide an abundance of fish and the surrounding pastoral landscape is welcoming to both farmers and hunters of game. Due to the progressive nature of Lord Valuryn and Lady Ivaine Escalliot, Aranorn has risen to become a center of higher learning and wisdom. The mage's college of Aven welcomes those of magical bent with open arms.

Despite all this, however, Aranorn is not without it's troubles. To the north, the Dragonspine Mountains are home to several orc and goblin tribes which prey upon the surrounding villages and farmsteads. There is also the ever-present threat of the uneasy truce between Aranorn and the massive underground Trall fortress of Dharfang ending, which would plunge the region into war. There are many who might not be displeased with this.

The city of Aranorn itself is divided into five districts: Aven, Guillard, L'iselle, Malvon and S'engreal. These are detailed below.

Aven: The College Of Arcane Arts

The mage's college of Aven is a carefully tended campus of towers, laboratories, apartments and other facilities related to the magical arts. Students of the college are put through rigorous training by some of Elberen's most powerful mages in order to be bestowed the title of High Magister with all the power and prestige that accompany it. Few, however, complete their studies and the mortality rate is high. Currently, there are seven High Magisters in the college, and they serve as a body of councilors to the king and queen in matters of the arcane. It is widely whispered the Arcane Council and the Lady Ivaine do not see eye to eye, and there are those on the Council who feel that the queen is short-sighted and an unfortunate influence upon the king.

Guillard: The Crucible Of Steel

The martial district of Guillard is home to the standing military forces of Aranorn. Numerous barracks, training yards, smithies, tanneries and armories crowd the flagstone streets here. The E'lenian army trains constantly, preparing for the day the truce with Dharfang ends, as most believe it will. Fresh recruits flock here daily, and are quickly put through their paces by toughened veterans formerly of the famous Knights Chevalier. Guillard is also where some of the finest smiths and armorers in Elberen hone their craft to produce truly wondrous items.

L'iselle: The Waters of Healing

The beautiful canals and floating gardens of L'iselle have enchanted lovers, poets and dreamers all over Elberen for hundreds of years. Said to be the favorite haunt of the Lady Ivaine Escalliot, the air of L'iselle is continually filled with the quiet music of minstrels and troubadors. The floating gardens themselves are said to have been originally planted by the Lady Ivaine, and their blossoms are reputed to have healing properties. The Sisters of Solace also reside in their chapter house here. A benevolent sisterhood of healers and physicians, it is said the Sisters turn no patient away. An unspoken law is held here that says no enemy may be accosted while visiting L'iselle.

Malvon: The Dance Of Coin

The bustling market district of Malvon is where almost anything can be bought or sold - for the right price. Traders, merchants, hawkers and buskers all compete for the coin of the hundreds of thousands who make their way through the market each day. It is also said, however, that the infamous Night Wind thieves' guild conducts their larcenous business somewhere below the streets. And lastly, there is the famous inn and tavern known as Shallin's Garden. Designed as an extensive indoor hedge-maze with dining rooms, banquet rooms and sleeping chambers, Shallin's Garden is a must-see for any traveler to Aranorn. The proprietor, Shallin herself, is a veritable font of information and news and shares freely (but not too freely) with anyone who has the proper coin.

S'engreal: The Unicorn Throne

S'engreal is home to the royal palace of King Valuryn and Queen Ivaine. Castle Escalliot sits upon a seven-tiered hill overlooking Aranorn and the Azure Sea, it's pale stone battlements and slender towers visible for many leagues in all directions. The famous sigil of House Escalliot, the E'lenian unicorn on a field of silver and blue, is beloved by noble and commoner alike. S'engreal is also home to the renowned Knights Chevalier, the personal guard of the king and queen. The Knights Chevalier adhere to a strict code of conduct and their martial discipline and expertise are impeccable. Commanded directly by the king, the knights investigate possible threats to the kingdom and stand as the highest aspiration of fighters throughout E'lene.

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