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Dharfang: The Power Beneath [by Weldulf!]

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1Dharfang: The Power Beneath [by Weldulf!] Empty Dharfang: The Power Beneath [by Weldulf!] on Tue May 08, 2012 9:23 pm


The City of Dharfang

The massive city of Dharfang is sitting in a titanic underground valley and is cut up into multiple sections a districts. Its population is around 60-65 thousand Tralls, this number is so large due to the fact most Trall fled to that area under the mountains after the cataclysm for it started out as one of their largest mines.

The Canal District

Not so much a district of the city than just the areas on the banks of the massive underground river Yharthant that runs through the city. The Canal District consists of ship yards, some factories, store houses, and docks. The district also provides
a large portion of Trallish food, eyeless underground fish. For that reason Trall adore the taste of fish and will sometimes pay insanely large sums to buy one from above ground.

The Ember District

Perhaps the oldest district in the city, The Ember District is where the first homes and dwellings where bulit in the valley after the Tralls took to the underground. The district consists of old stone buildings of a craft now rarely seen, carved into most of the walls are graphics of the Cataclysm. In the middle of this district there lies a fairly tall series of stone spires that once served as the citadel...but the Trall later found out they could build a bigger one.

The Grand Citadel of Zirzak (or just The Citadel)

Around 312 years ago the Trall came to see that their current Citadel in the Ember District was rather puny, and that the humans had built even larger buildings than it as well as the Elden before them, the Trall do not like being outdone. And so they started their largest building project since the Dharfang Highway, it took them 123 years to make it but they got their new Citadel done...and it was massive. The Citadel has one grand tower that rises 800 feet and consists of stone and metal. The Citadel also has two other smaller towers around 500 feet high that are not as thick as the first tower. The Trall's loose government operates from the citadel as does the High Chieftain.

The Ironmongery District

This is where Trall make a war. Bellowing smoke stacks rise high in this area, huge cogs with seemingly no purpose turn on rooftops, clanging of iron and the shouting of factory masters are the sounds one would here if not for the giant cogs. Huge covered machines are always being pushed or pulled down the streets, what they are...only the Trall know.

The Residential Areas

These dwellings of the Trall lie cut up by the districts and differ to what district lies closest. They consist of many small shops and markets as well as taverns.

The Thresh hold

More or less a massive wall constructed by the Trall on the far eastern edge of the valley to keep out the Goblins, it's none fairly useless due to the fact the Trall committed a genocide of the goblins when they where drove down by the cataclysm. There lies a gate in the center of it leading out into the grand underground frontier where the Trall still hunt subterranean beasts for food.

The Coliseum

The name says it all, a massive structure where Trall go after a hard day of work to kick back and watch things kill each other, some of the most creative kills and combat scenarios in history have played out in the Dharfang coliseum.

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