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Changes....they are a-comin'!

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1Changes....they are a-comin'! Empty Changes....they are a-comin'! on Mon Jun 25, 2012 11:26 pm


Hiya peeps,

Just wanted to take a minute and fill you in on some big changes in store for TROE. DON'T PANIC, though! Everything is just fine, and these changes are meant to improve TROE to make it more user-friendly, more convenient and overall more fun! You'll like the changes - I promise! Smile

Firstly, we are going to be changing the software we use for our weekly roleplaying sessions. Frankly, the IRC chatroom is a pain in the arse. While relatively easy to use for you players, it is an absolute nightmare for the GM who has to frantically type out long complex commands combined with NPC text in the blink of an eye - all without going over the (ridiculously low) character limit.

Needless to say, something better was sorely needed, and something better was found. Say hello to RAIDCALL - a free, voice-and-text chatting program that allows an administrator to set up and host private channels for users to chat in. This is where we will be holding our roleplaying sessions from now on. Last week, Tain and I tested this out and found that it worked wonderfully well. While a microphone is required for voice-chat, those without mics can text-chat just like in the IRC room, only without the crazy commands and character limits. All of our roleplay will take place in text chat, of course. Voice-chat will be just for random comments and whatnot. Annnnd.....(drum roll, please)...


You can play MUSIC with it for everyone to hear! That's right, I will be playing some delightful mood music to go with our RP sessions from now on. I hope you like!

Raidcall can be downloaded from here:

Now, onto the second change that's coming up - the website. It's functional, but fugly and not very user-friendly for admins. I am currently on a search for a new website host that has the features we want at the price I need (free!). I will keep you posted, and of course, if anyone has any suggestions, please just let me know!

And lastly, thank you to YOU GUYS for making this entire endeavor something I look forward to each and every week. It's both an honor and a privilege to play with you. Seriously! Smile

"There are kinds of action, for good or ill, that lie so far outside the boundaries of normal behavior that they force us, in acknowledging that they have occurred, to restructure our own understanding of reality. We have to make room for them."

~Guy Gavriel Kay "The Summer Tree"
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