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Character Classes

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The Assassin is the undisputed master of the art of stealth and the lethal takedown. Trained to use almost anything as a weapon (including their own body), an Assassin prefers to strike by surprise. Often a target will not even know they have been 'hit' until it is too late.

While most kingdoms of Elberen openly frown upon the practice of assassination, a skilled Assassin is very rarely out of work in those same kingdoms. However, Assassins are rarely welcomed with open arms in public. Indeed, most Assassins keep their occupation a guarded secret for obvious reasons.

An Assassin gains the following advantages: +1 to disguise, +1 to attack, +1 to sneak/stealth, +1 to damage.

An Assassin may be of any race.


Savage and fearless, Barbarians can be found in some of the most inhospitable regions in Elberen. Preferring brute strength over finesse, a Barbarian attacks using massive two-handed weapons and their howls of unbridled rage have been known to freeze the blood of even the bravest opponent. Dressing in animal hides and painting their faces to add to their already fearsome visage, Barbarians are both feared and given a wide berth by most travelers. When a Barbarian enters a city or village, wise shopkeepers will shutter their windows and lock their doors.

A Barbarian gains the following advantages: +1 to attack, +1 to damage, +1 to intimidation, +1 to strength checks.

Only Humans and Tralls may be Barbarians.


Fighters are trained warriors who excel in the arts of war and tactics. They can be found the world over as soldiers, guardsmen (and women) or even mercenaries. Whatever the job, a fighter can get it done - usually with a sharp blade.

A Fighter gains the following advantages: +1 to attack/defend, +1 to damage.

A Fighter may be of any race.


Masters of the arcane, Mages study the long-lost arts of magic and spellcasting. Due to the unpredictable and dangerous nature of such study, Mages prefer solitude though the lure of esoteric knowledge often entices them out of their towers to undertake dangerous quests. While Mages are generally accepted in most regions of Elberen, they are not fully trusted. Most large cities have strict laws against spellcasting, and the punishment is often incarceration or even death.

At the same time, some of the Human cities - particularly the capitol city of Aranorn - have begun to more openly embrace Mages. In Aranorn, an Academy of Magical Arts has been opened and the call has gone out for those with magical aptitude to apply. Whether this is a blessing or a curse remains to be seen.

A Mage gains the following advantages: +1 to arcane lore checks, +1 to spellcasting, +1 to charm magical beasts.

Only Humans and Tralls may be Mages.


A Rogue is a cutpurse, brigand and ne'erdowell who specializes in stealth and 'freelance wealth redistribution'. Rogues can be found literally anywhere in Elberen where their skills in 'discrete acquisition' are required or alongside lonely roads in the wilderness where they prey upon the unwary or foolish. Rogues are also adept at finding and removing traps along with picking locks.

Shunning heavy weapons or armor that would otherwise slow them down or reveal their presence, Rogues prefer the non-confrontational approach to combat if at all possible. Of course, there is nothing quite like a well-executed backstab...

A Rogue gains the following advantages: +1 to pickpocket, +1 to detect/disarm traps, +1 to appraisal, +1 to pick locks, +1 to stealth.

Only Humans, Elden and Sprites may be Rogues.


Shamans are masters of nature and elemental magic. Spending the majority of their time in the wild where they are most comfortable, Shamans primarily wield their magical energies to heal and restore. However, should danger arise to threaten them or those they protect, a Shaman can unleash the full fury of the elements in truly awesome ways.

A Shaman is skilled in charming the natural beasts of the wild, and can even call upon them as allies should it become necessary. A Shaman respects and reveres nature above all, and will do his or her utmost to protect it. Shunning most conventional metal weapons and armor, a Shaman prefers to use weapons of wood, stone or bone. A stout wooden stave can be wielded by a Shaman to devastating effect.

A Shaman gains the following advantages: +1 to charm beast, +1 to elemental magic, +1 to camouflage, +1 to nature lore.

Only Elden and Sprites may be Shamans.


A Skald is a master of storytelling, music and inspiration. Legend tells of Skalds standing at the forefront of mighty armies, inspiring the soldiers to great feats of valor in arms. A Skald is heartily welcomed in most cities and their presence is often cause for much excitement.

A Skald is learned in the tales of long ago and can tame the ugliest of crowds with their musical stylings. Most Skalds are payed well for their services which include the infamous art of the satire, in which a Skald is paid to publicly humiliate a victim through song or story. Since most civilized regions have strict laws protecting a Skald from reprisal, satire is a lucrative business for those who want to embarrass instead of kill. Nevertheless, a Skald is a skilled fighter in a pinch, preferring to use small, easily concealed weapons. Of course, to a Skald, the best weapon is a fast horse...

A Skald gains the following advantages: +1 to persuasion, +1 to charm, +1 to perform, +1 to lore.

A Skald may be of any race.

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