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Race nature

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1Race nature Empty Race nature on Tue Sep 04, 2012 8:06 pm

Common traits among races, is this about right? Anything you would add?

Humans: Bravery, curiosity, xenophobic one moment and striving for diversity the next, optimism in the face of hardships, desire to expand and control, megalomanic, often takes blessings for granted 

Trall: Hot-headed, innovative, industrious, slow to trust, recklessly brave, can underestimate foes at times, fights often to the last man standing, zealously devoted to leaders, prideful, loud and merry when things go right

Sprites: Natural charm, quick thinker, practical, pride exceeds stature, strong sense of optimism, remarkable pitchmen, gets along with other races well, avoids danger if possible, love of the sea

Elden: Quiet, nomadic, deeply spiritual, takes a lot to make them angry, can be affected by the environment they live in greatly making some much more like humans, pessimistic at times, love of nature, appreciate the little things

Goblins: Cowardly, thieving, immoral, violent, hatred of the sun, strong dislike for strangers and overlanders, find strength in numbers

Orcs: Hot-headed, violent, few morals, marauding, little value for personal safety, have worked with Trall on a few occasions, dislike humans, dabbles in minor black magics 

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2Race nature Empty Re: Race nature on Wed Sep 05, 2012 9:19 am


Everything but the orcs using black magic. They simply don't possess the higher intelligence needed. Of course, that doesn't stop them from pretending...

Also, I would add that the Trall tend to lean toward the superstitious end of things. They are a race of extremes. You are either their best friend or their worst enemy. They're a pretty black-and-white race.

"There are kinds of action, for good or ill, that lie so far outside the boundaries of normal behavior that they force us, in acknowledging that they have occurred, to restructure our own understanding of reality. We have to make room for them."

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