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The Deities Of Elberen Part 2: The Maimed God Of The Trall

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Unlike other races in Elberen, the Trall call only one deity their own - Charduk The Maimed God.

According to Trallish mythology, the terrible Cataclysm unleashed by the Elden was actually a gigantic dragon called Khurn The Devourer. Khurn, according to the legend, was responsible for the horrendous fiery storms that almost destroyed everything that lived upon the surface of Elberen. Everything that was not burned or destroyed was corrupted by Khurn and mutated into hideous beasts that walk the dark and forgotten places of the world to this day. These abominations are known as the Children Of Khurn by the Trall.

The world of Elberen would have been utterly destroyed had it not been for a mighty Trall warrior known as Charduk who left the relative safety of the undercaverns where his people had fled the devastations of Khurn and challenged the mighty dragon. Khurn answered, and his answering roar was heard in every corner of Elberen. The dragon and the trall met atop the highest peak of the mountains that are called the Dragonspine Mountains to this day. Their coming together was like the mightiest clap of thunder the world has ever known.

Legend says that Charduk and Khurn fought for an entire year, with neither opponent tiring or giving quarter. The mountains shook and the seas boiled with the ferocity of their combat. Khurn belched forth great and terrible flames while Charduk battered at his enemy with his mighty hammer, Argol. On the last day of the turning of the year, Charduk gave a mighty roar and drove Argol between the eyes of Khurn. The terrible dragon bellowed and unleashed his horrible flames into Charduk's face even as he died, hideously burning and scarring the left side of the Trall's face.

There was silence atop the Dragonspine mountains for three days.

And then Charduk awoke, tore out Khurn's obsidian heart and ate it. In this way, Charduk attained divinity and swore to always watch over his people until the end of days and beyond.

"There are kinds of action, for good or ill, that lie so far outside the boundaries of normal behavior that they force us, in acknowledging that they have occurred, to restructure our own understanding of reality. We have to make room for them."

~Guy Gavriel Kay "The Summer Tree"
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