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Age Of Darkness Chapter 3: Journeys In The Dark

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Storyteller 18:11:02
The chamber is cold and dank as Karzeema, Grond, Tain and Roveno all stand looking at the ancient writings of the Trall grandsires. Karzeema's gaze settles upon Tain more than once until at last she addresses the Elden woman. "I must speak with you, Harbinger."

Grondthanc 18:11:34
*Looks over the writings still*

Storyteller 18:13:15
Roveno scratches his head and looks up at Grond "This is no making the sense...what are you asking of Roveno Caspore?"

Tain 18:13:19
Tain raises an eyebrow warily. "About what?"

Storyteller 18:13:50
Karzeema moves to a sidechamber and beckons Tain to follow her.

Grondthanc 18:13:59
*Looks down to the sprite* You got a boat?

Tain 18:14:37
Tain casts a glance over her shoulder at Roveno and gestures with a jerk of her head as she reluctantly follows Karzeema

Storyteller 18:14:57
"Alone, Harbinger," Karzeema admonishes "I would speak with you alone."

Tain 18:15:39
"I wasn't asking for his company, merely trying to get his attention so he knows I'm going. I hate to be rude."

Storyteller 18:16:21
Karzeema snorts slightly, then moves to the sidechamber, leaving Grond and Roveno alone in front of the hieroglyphics.

Tain 18:17:13
Tain follows at what she feels to be a safe distance behind

Storyteller 18:17:49
When Tain enters the room, Karzeema smiles a sad sort of smile. "Tell me, Harbinger," she said "Whose side are you on in the dark days ahead?"

Tain 18:18:45
'What? What dark days ahead? What are you talking about? And what sides? Explain yourself if you don't mind." Tain slouches against the wall and crosses her arms over her chest.

Storyteller 18:20:23
"I will speak as plainly as I can," Karzeema says "Even I cannot see all things. In my dreams, I see a terrible darkness washing over the land. Perhaps greater than the first great Cataclysm. At the heart of it, I see you. You are pulled strongly in two directions and the fate of millions lies in the choice you must make. Do you understand?"

Tain 18:21:40
Tain stares at Karzeema as if she was crazy, and shakes her head. "No. Not really. I don't see how I hold millions of fates in my own hands."

Storyteller 18:22:51
"You do not need to understand all now," Karzeema says, the sad smile washing over her face once again "What I tell you now, I tell you in greatest fear....fear of what might be. But, my dreams rarely lie. I can send you to him, if it is your wish."

Tain 18:24:28
Tain listens, frowning but then she straightens up with a gleam of hope in her wide open eyes. "You mean, Dennivar don't you? You can really send me to him?" Then Tain narrows her eyes and demands, "Why would you do this?"

Storyteller 18:26:19
Karzeema looks sadly out to where her son stands "Because," she says "Because I love my son with all that is in me, do you understand? I bore him through much tribulation and he is all I have left in the world. I offer this to you so that there is the chance, however slight, that it may avert what my darkest dreams tell me of my son's fate."

Tain 18:27:35
"I don't understand what you're saying or why you believe this, but don't you think maybe your son and my little friend should hear your offer? Let's get them in here shall we?" Tain turns to leave the room

Storyteller 18:28:33
"NO." Karzeema is insistent "You do not see...YOU are the only one who can go. My working will only allow a single being to pass in any case."

Grondthanc 18:29:28
*Glances at the raised voice, more or less turns his whole body making the long tail of his open robe fling here and there*

Tain 18:29:50
"Still, I think they should know what you're offering. I'd like to hear what they have to say about it. After all, I've been through a lot with them both and it wouldn't be very nice of me to simply leave them if they would rather I stayed." Tain turns toward the other room and yells for Roveno and Grond to come in.

Storyteller 18:30:10
Karzeema lowers her head.

Grondthanc 18:30:32
What the hells are you yelling about? *he thuds in grumbling*

Storyteller 18:30:33
"As the wheel turns," she says quietly "It is decided."

Tain 18:30:37
"Grond! Come in here and bring Roveno with you."

Tain 18:30:56
Tain whirls to face Karzeema. "What are you going on about?"

Storyteller 18:31:05
Karzeema remains silent.

Tain 18:31:48
"Look, I know you don't like me and I don't know why. Now you've hatched some crazy plot to get rid of me."

Tain 18:32:01
"I think my friends should be informed, that's all"

Tain 18:32:05
Tain smirks.

Grondthanc 18:32:24
*Raises his hand* I'm for it...if we get to throw the elden out. She is a bringer of the end of the world anyways...

Storyteller 18:33:33
Karzeema moves to Grond and places her hand on the side of his face "My son, " she says, tears welling up in her eyes "You will make your father, very proud."

Tain 18:33:48
A narrow-eyed stare bores holes through Grond's thick skin. Tain turns to Roveno for help

Tain 18:34:12
'Roveno? Would you like to get rid of me too?"

Storyteller 18:34:18
"Do not be the staring at me, Casita," Roveno shrugs "I am being but a little mouse in a house of giants!"

Grondthanc 18:34:33
*Looks at his mother* What are you having me do...

Storyteller 18:34:47
"Of course not, Casita! You are the being Roveno Caspore's wife one day!"

Tain 18:35:15
"Well this is all very fine. I thought I had three friends in this world but now it seems the only friend I had is the one that died."

Tain 18:35:51
Tain shakes her head dismissively and turns to Karzeema. "Send me to him"

Storyteller 18:35:58
"Eh?" Roveno says "Roveno is just telling you that he is no wishing you to go.....?"

Grondthanc 18:36:01
*Eyes narrow again*

Grondthanc 18:36:29
*Spins around and grabs Tain by the neck again and pushs her into the wall* Need I remind you that YOU got him killed!

Tain 18:36:54
Tain tilts her head at Roveno. "Is that what you're saying then? Look, there's nothing for ..." Tain gasps and then shrieks loudly

Storyteller 18:37:17
Karzeema looks at her son "Grondthanc! Remember who you are and whom you represent!"

Grondthanc 18:37:57
We are thousands of feet underground...nobody will know. Anyways you said she is a bringer of the age of darkness! We best smash her into dust now!

Storyteller 18:38:30
"I have work for you," Karzeema's voice brooks no argument "Release her at once!"

Tain 18:38:35
Tain tries desperately to catch her breath, meanwhile making big eyes at Roveno

Grondthanc 18:38:59
*Drops Tain with a thud then snarls and thuds over by his mother*

Storyteller 18:39:15
Roveno steps between the Trall and Elden "Ay! Big boy Grond! You should no be....oh hells...."

Tain 18:40:11
Tain, on all fours, gasps several times, then slowly rises to her feet, her eyes glowing with a fierce, almost yellow, glow. She raises her fists and races toward Grond, shrieking unintelligibly.

Storyteller 18:40:46
Karzeema quicks quietly, but insistently "Two marches down from this chamber, you will take the ShadowSteps down to Pale Lake. On the far western side of Pale Lake, you will find the Rushwater. It is a river that flows fast and fierce out of the mountains and eventually reaches the coast. You must build a - !"

Storyteller 18:41:15
Rovena tries to hold Tain back, but is knocked backward.

Tain 18:42:03
Tain stumbles over Roveno, but keeps her feet and races toward Grond. She leaps into the air and throws herself at Grond.

Grondthanc 18:42:55
*Snarls swings his fist at her in the air* FOUL EVIL ELDEN!

Storyteller 18:43:10
There is a sharp crack of thunder that shakes the chamber and illuminates it with a brilliant, blinding flash of light. Karzeema stands with her hands on her staff which blazes like a mini-sun. "ENOUGH!!"

Storyteller 18:44:03
Roveno stands after having been knocked down, only to fall backward with a yelp as his hands go to his eyes.

Tain 18:44:35
Tain's leap falls a few inches short and she falls to the ground, rolling as she was trained to do. She immediately bounces to her feet and growls, as she too, shields her eyes with her hand

Grondthanc 18:45:46
*Lets out a small roar then falls silent, covering his eyes*

Storyteller 18:46:06
Karzeema's voice is cold "You children will fight like fools while the clouds gather at your doorstep? You will war amongst yourselves while evil grows in power and comes to devour us all? So be it! I am done!" With another clap of thunder and a flash of lightning. When it clears, Karzeema is nowhere to be found.

Tain 18:46:43
Tain blinks several times then turns to Roveno. "Are you all right, my friend?"

Grondthanc 18:47:00
*Blinks a few times and looks around*

Storyteller 18:47:15
"I....yes. Roveno is no permanently damaged. He is still fit for the making of love, Casita!"

Grondthanc 18:47:57
*Looks to the two on the ground blinks a few more times, then thuds off down a chamber*

Tain 18:48:43
Tain can't help but smile. "Roveno. Not now." She watches Grond leave the room. "Right now I think we should go where Karzeema told us to go."

Storyteller 18:49:01
Roveno looks at Tain. "Should we be following him, Casita? Roveno is thinking Grond is being the angry...."

Tain 18:50:04
"Roveno, you can follow Grond or you can come with me."

Grondthanc 18:50:32
*Can faintly still be seen due to the dim light, he is going to the pale lake it seems*

Storyteller 18:50:48
"But....will no Grond be needing the help of his friends? We can no just...abandon him, no?"

Tain 18:51:48
"Actually, Grond is headed where we should be going. We will go that way also. But I'm through being abused by him. I've had enough of that."

Storyteller 18:52:12
"Then what is it Casita is saying?" Roveno asks.

Tain 18:52:55
"I'm saying let's go. We can't let him get there before we do. I'm saying I don't think we're on the same side."

Storyteller 18:53:18
Roveno blinks several times "Then.....which side is Roveno Caspore being on?"

Tain 18:53:56
Tain leans down and whispers softly. "I thought you were on my side, Roveno Caspore."

Storyteller 18:55:17
Roveno raises himself up and salutes Tain "Roveno will be staying with we follow the Grond. He will be the needing us!"

Tain 18:56:46
Tain gives Roveno a disappointed look, purses her lips and blows air outward. "All right. Whatever you say."

Tain 18:57:57
"Hurry then before he gets too far ahead"

Storyteller 18:58:04
Roveno flashes a brilliant grin that makes his jewel-hued eyes twinkle in the dim chamber "Ah, smart and beautiful. You will be the making Roveno a fine, fine wife! And he shall fill your nights with the passionate love making and all will gaze in awe at such fierce love!"

Storyteller 18:58:26
*The two rush after Grond*

Tain 18:58:33
Tain trills a melodious laugh, in spite of herself.

Grondthanc 18:59:32
*Stares forward, his feet make a loud thudding noise*

Storyteller 19:00:08
After two long marches, the trio come to the shores of a great lake of dark water. The stillness and silence is broken only by the distant sound of water striking the surface of the placid lake, tinkling like the sound of jewels in the darkness.

Tain 19:00:49
Tain looks long and hard at the great expanse of water. "Now what?"

Grondthanc 19:02:46
We could swim...

Storyteller 19:03:08
Roveno whistles softly. "We are having to go to the other side? The west side?"

Tain 19:03:33
Tain nods and sighs. "I don't see how. Do you Grond?"

Grondthanc 19:03:49
West side you say Roveno? Very well.

Storyteller 19:04:34
"That is what the lady-Grond is saying, no? Roveno Caspore has the ears of a fox!"

Grondthanc 19:05:02
*Thuds along the shore his face still very netural*

Storyteller 19:06:09
As the trio travels around the wide lake, an eerie feeling begins to descend upon them, as though being watched by many eyes. Periodically, the sound of a stone rolling or a scrabbling can be heard from the shadows.

Grondthanc 19:06:52
*Orange eyes scan the ceiling and any outcropping, he knows what is watching them.*

Storyteller 19:07:12
*Roveno unconsciously draws his sabres*

Grondthanc 19:07:39
Best not do that...unless you want to be dragged into a dark hole very quickly.

Tain 19:07:54
Tain takes short quick steps to stay close to Grond.

Grondthanc 19:08:18
As long as i'm would be smart for them to not get any closer.

Storyteller 19:08:40
Roveno's eyes widen at Grond and he opens his mouth to reply, when suddenly the darkness explodes into activity as three gigantic beetle-like creatures come scrabbling out with long pincer-like claws extended. Each insect is the size of a horse.

Tain 19:09:08
Tain clutches at Grond's arm and screams.

Grondthanc 19:09:15
*swings out his hammer his eyes wide, this was not what he expected at all*

Storyteller 19:09:30
Roveno screams as well, then coughs and moves into a fighting position.

Grondthanc 19:09:49
Well this was not at all what I expected but it will do...

Grondthanc 19:09:59
*Charges at one beetle roaring*

Storyteller 19:10:18
The first insect swipes with one large claw directly at Grond, it's pincer opening and closes hideously.

Tain 19:10:47
Tain reaches instinctively for her dagger, but finding no weapon, she backs up quickly to the side, trying to be inconspicuous

Grondthanc 19:10:56
*grabs the pincer and rushs forward as if to dislodge it, he roars still*

Storyteller 19:12:15
The insect swings with it's other pincer, slamming Grond up against the stone wall and bearing it's awful strength down on the Trall to crush him....the other two pincers descend upon Roveno, who begins laughing and dancing about this way and that, ducking under the insect's swings and hacking at their multiple legs.

Grondthanc 19:13:10
*drops his hammer and has both hands on the pincers roaring still in the face of the creature...he is trying to rip it's head in half.*

Tain 19:13:34
Tain searches desperately for a weapon of some kind, but all she can find are boulders the size of Grond's head - way too big for her to pick up

Storyteller 19:14:21
*Roveno rolls free of an insect and tosses one of his sabres to Tain "Casita! To protect yourself, yes?" The sabre is the size of a large dagger to the Elden.

Storyteller 19:14:55
There is the sound of something cracking at the insect that holds Grond hisses and tries to back up.

Tain 19:15:30
With a nod of gratitude, Tain grasps the sabre, throwing Roveno a look of admiration

Grondthanc 19:15:39
*Pulls the insect closer to him laughing he pulls the pincers outward more still*

Storyteller 19:16:52
The insect brings it's sharp legs into play, stabbing at Grond's midsection as it's pincers are slowly torn in two. Roveno hacks cleanly through another insects leg and the creature emits a high pitched squeal.

Grondthanc 19:17:32
*Brings his legs back near his midsection and kick up at the insect sending it up and over*

Tain 19:18:20
Tain leaps to Roveno's side, gives him a disarming smile, and swings the sabre at the creature's head

Storyteller 19:18:46
The insect crashes onto it's back, it's multiple legs scrabbling furiously to right itself. Roveno leaps atop his wounded insect and begins stabbing at it's multiple eyes. Tain's blade punctures one globular eye and the insect rears in pain.

Grondthanc 19:19:41
*Stumbles up cursing and picks up his hammer, he thuds up to the over turned beetle and nudges Roveno off of it, and proceeds to smash his hammer into it's belly over and over again*

Tain 19:22:17
Tain continues to swing her sabre at the beetle's head, taking the time in between slashes to glance over at Roveno, a smile playing on her lips

Storyteller 19:22:59
Grond's hammer Thadrak slams into his insect repeatedly until the creature's legs stop twitching. Meanwhile Roveno and Tain work together to bring theirs down while Roveno grins foolishly at Tain. The third insect hisses and slowly backs away toward the shadows....

Tain 19:27:19
Tain wipes the sweat from her eyes, and grabs Roveno by the arm, placing the sabre back in his hand. "You have marvelous strength in these forearms my friend. Thank you for the loan of the weapon"

Grondthanc 19:27:40
*Takes a seat on the dead insect and lights up a cigar for the first time in a while*

Storyteller 19:27:42
Roveno flashes a brilliant grin and bows low "An honor to serve, Casita!"

Tain 19:28:10
Tain gives Roveno a genuine smile and turns to flash the thumbs up sign at Grond

Grondthanc 19:28:19
*mumbles* I was hoping for goblins...

Storyteller 19:28:53
Roveno looks about, cracking his neck. "Well then, what are we to be doing when we are the reaching this Rushwater river place? We will be the needing a boat, no? How are we going to be the building a boat with no wood?"

Grondthanc 19:29:34
*Stands up off the beetle* Roveno toss me your saber...

Tain 19:30:03
Tain raises an eyebrow at Grond. "What are you up to Grond?"

Storyteller 19:30:04
"Eh?" Roveno arches an eyebrow "The bug, she is already dead, no?"

Grondthanc 19:30:14
Toss it.

Storyteller 19:30:28
Roveno shrugs and tosses one of his sabres at Grond, hilt first.

Grondthanc 19:31:14
*Grabs it and begins to cut on the sides of the beetle* How many where there again?

Tain 19:31:35
"There were three, but...I don't see the third one anymore"

Tain 19:31:44
'What are you doing Grond?

Grondthanc 19:32:12
*Grabs the sides of the shell begins to tug on it grunting, after a few snaps and cracks the shell rips off*

Storyteller 19:32:24
Roveno blinks in surprise.

Storyteller 19:32:31
Then he gets a slow, spreading grin.

Tain 19:32:43
Tain blinks in comprehension

Tain 19:32:56
She beams at Roveno

Grondthanc 19:33:07
*Does his round and does this to each beetle until there are 2 empty shells lying on the shore*

Storyteller 19:33:14
"Ha! Friend Grond! You are the using your wits! Well done!"

Tain 19:33:16
"Grond is smarter than he seems sometimes"

Grondthanc 19:34:09
You two will be able to share a shell...*he thuds back to the beetle he was wrestling*

Grondthanc 19:35:02
*With little effort rips off the two loose pincers and throws one at Tain's feet*

Storyteller 19:35:21
Roveno stops for a moment, then looks thoughtful "The lady-Grond....she was the knowing we would be fighting the big bugs? How did she know?"

Tain 19:35:52
"Why, thank you do you mean Roveno? She didn't say anything about these creatures."

Grondthanc 19:36:29
*Looks over the shell he has set aside, it's the largest of the 2*

Storyteller 19:36:56
Roveno shakes his head "But she was the telling us to travel here, no? She was knowing we would need a boat and there was being no wood...."

Grondthanc 19:37:29
Get in the damn shell we are getting to that island *he begins to push his shell*

Tain 19:38:02
"I don't know Roveno. You may be giving her too much credit. Personally I think she's crazy. She also said she could send me to..." She sighs resignedly and then moves toward the shell

Storyteller 19:38:08
Roveno opens his mouth as if to say more, then shrugs and gestures to the shell. "Casita, you first. Roveno will do the pushing!"

Tain 19:38:45
Tain flutters her lashes at Roveno and tosses her hair over her shoulder as she climbs into the shell.

Grondthanc 19:38:49
*Pushs the shell into the still water and leaps into it, he uses the pincer as a paddle*

Storyteller 19:40:08
The giant shells float perfectly in the water (though they smell terrible). Before long, the trio is floating down an underground river that slowly begins to pick up speed....faster and faster as the dark stalactites and stalagmites of the caverns whip by on either side. In places, the ceiling is so low, they are forced to duck at the last minute....the air rushes about them as they speed along impossibly fast.....

Tain 19:40:53
"Grond!" Tain yells across the water and over the rushing air, "How do you slow this thing down?"

Grondthanc 19:41:10
How the hells should I know?!

Storyteller 19:41:37
"Ayie!" Roveno cries "This is being the WONDERFUL!!"

Tain 19:41:38
Tain attempts to drag the pincer through the water, hoping to slow the shell down

Tain 19:42:07
"We're going too fast! It is not wonderful!"

Storyteller 19:42:24
Suddenly, there is a light up ahead. A blinding, brilliant light as bright as the noonday sun. It grows larger and larger while Roveno's mad laughter echoes around them all.....


"There are kinds of action, for good or ill, that lie so far outside the boundaries of normal behavior that they force us, in acknowledging that they have occurred, to restructure our own understanding of reality. We have to make room for them."

~Guy Gavriel Kay "The Summer Tree"
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2Age Of Darkness Chapter 3: Journeys In The Dark Empty Next session... on Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:36 pm

Next session may have to be the session that Grond finally gets to trust Tain again, or at least stop trying to kill her or there may be a certain elden floating home.

Age Of Darkness Chapter 3: Journeys In The Dark 34772378

Movin' along on The Grond Funk Railroad.
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I guess I'm not understanding why he stopped trusting her in the first place.
And remember, you can't change anything, you can only change your attitude.
Once you do that, then things change.

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4Age Of Darkness Chapter 3: Journeys In The Dark Empty Re heart felt comment on Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:23 pm

To avoid addressing my attitude I typed this up, would love feeback to wether this stuff checks out.

Races of Elberen heights
Human- 5-6 feet
Elden- Often under 6 feet
Trall- 7-8 feet, from time to time exceed 9 feet
Sprite- 3-4 feet
Goblin- 4 feet 
Vhorn- 10-12 feet

Races of Elberen life expectancy 
Human- 70-80, 100 if lucky
Elden- Unknown, rumored to be immortal by some
Trall- Around 300 if they don't die in combat before that
Sprite- 100-120
Goblin- Unknown, estimated to be around 50 or so years
Vhorn- Unknown, possibly same as Trall


Movin' along on The Grond Funk Railroad.
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Looks accurate to me, except that no one really knows how long Sprites live, either (unless they die in combat or accident, etc.). Goblins, like orcs, I would say have a much shorter life expectancy due to their warlike nature. They're just as likely to kill each other as they are to die in combat with an enemy.

"There are kinds of action, for good or ill, that lie so far outside the boundaries of normal behavior that they force us, in acknowledging that they have occurred, to restructure our own understanding of reality. We have to make room for them."

~Guy Gavriel Kay "The Summer Tree"
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To avoid commenting, I'm just going to make funny faces. Mad Rolling Eyes Neutral tongue

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